Lucia, a ground-breaking Kannada movie

Lucia, a Kannada movie you, the audience, produced is due to release late August in movie halls. This movie recently won the Audience award in a London film festival. One of the finest actors of Indian cinema, Irrfan Khan, has appreciated this movie and expressed interest in making this in Hindi.


I first heard about this movie when makers sent a shout out calling for producers, I was apprehensive about their potential and ignored it. Few months later, I even saw the video calling for potential singers for the movie’s most popular song “Tinbeda Kammi”. I liked the video and but ignored it as a gimmick.

Sometime after that, I came across of the the movie’s trailer on YouTube and clicked the link only because I saw Ninasam Satish there. I admire theater and personally believe actors who come from theater background are excellent performers, whichever platform they are on. Rajat Kapoor, T.S Nagabharana, Mandya Ramesh, Konkana Sen Sharma, Prakash Raj, Naseeruddin Shah, Lakshmi Chandrashekar… the list of such brilliant actors is endless. I had seen Satish in Yograj Bhat’s Drama and quite liked him.

Coming back to the trailer, what started as a curiosity went on to amaze me completely! I never, ever thought in my life that I would see a movie on a dark subject in Kannada, with an ample dose of commercial masala elements. I am not a keen follower of Kannada cinema, but to the best of my knowledge, not many of our filmmakers have successfully done this. However, Pawan Kumar, the director of this movie and his team has dared to take the risk and have come out with a gem of a product. 

Watch the trailer here.

You can visit the Lucia channel on YouTube at:

By then, the filmmakers were looking for distributors and I immediately bought an online distributorship of this movie by paying Rs.1000. From then on, I have successfully convinced my friend to do the same and shared all important posts and posters on my Facebook, with the sole objective of giving as much visibility to this project and encouraging others to put money on this. 

I am confident that you are impressed by the trailer, so I will not really talk much about it. My journey started with skepticism, moved to curiosity, and finally ended up at excitement. Watch the trailer, trust the team behind this, and encourage them to make more landmark movies like this. The opportunity ends on August 15th. Do not miss it!

You can find the FAQ and pre-order the movie here.

If you have any additional queries, you can contact Pawan Kumar at: [email protected]

If you cannot pre-order the movie for any reason, but still want to watch it, check your city’s local listings and watch it on big screen.


I have the rights to the movie and can watch it at my convenience. But I will still go to the movie hall and watch it atleast once. If somebody is interested, I may even sponsor their tickets. The objective is simple. People who have invested in this movie should make profits. The entire team, right from the director Pawan Kumar to the unknown spot boy should be rewarded for their efforts. This should motivate many more people to take this route. Eventually, the Kannadiga who lost hopes in Kannada movies years ago should come back to multiplexes and Sandalwood should revive its lost glory.

Let the world know that we have people who make intelligent movies which are not limited to award festivals, but also are successful commercially.

Skepticism > Curiosity > Excitement. It happened once. It can happen again. This time, it can be YOU.