There is no U in “technology”

Do you have apps on your mobile that seems to do so many things as per the user manual or reviews but you are unable to find even half of them?

Have you seen a presentation that seem to have useful information but is barely readable even if you are just 3 feet away from the projected screen?

Have you come across a poster of your favorite director’s or actor’s movie in which you can’t even read the title?

Heck, why so far… do you know the purpose of all the buttons, fields, etc., (UI elements for techies) on the homepage of your most used desktop/ mobile application? Even if you know, did you really figure it out as soon as you installed the app?

In this section, I will make an attempt to write about the importance of “sense” in technology.

While I have been curious (sometimes even frustrated) about why designers, developers, and organizations in general focus too much making their products look good while losing out on making it easier to use, Luke Wroblewski inspired me to dig more into it seriously. Ever since I came across his website, I started reading more about user experience and asking “Is it easy to use by the intended audience?” in many things I see or use, both tech and non tech.

Well, “u” is not there in “technology”, but it ends with a “y”, isn’t it?

And one more thing

(From Steve Jobs of course.)

If you are looking for theories and principles of UI/ UX, you are in the wrong place. I don’t like/ believe those and you won’t find any here. I will just pick up some product and share my opinion about it.