My Favorite Plays of 2011

I watched a good variety of plays in 2011. The year started with the show of Mukhyamantri and ended with Mariyamla Moorane Maduve.

Here are my 2011 faves:

Dayashankar ki Diary

Never knew Ashish Vidyarthi was such an amazing actor. Before this show, I looked at him as just another actor playing similar roles in every movie. But here, when I saw him in the role of a commoner who starts hallucinating when his dreams never turn into reality, I was stunned. He simply changed my perception about him forever.

Red Balloon

This was a puppet show by String Theatre, London. Right from the seating arrangement to story and its execution, everything impressed me. Here is my full-fledged review:

Dhaam Dhoom Suntaragaali

The music, lighting, acting, script, and most importantly the magician’s tricks in this play based on Shakepeare’s Tempest kept the kids and accompanying adults hooked to their seats.
My favorite scene: The flouroscent angels and dining table.

Did you happen to watch any of these? Or which is your favorite play? Share your views in the comments section.